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The offline first mentality for your app

When creating an app that depends on an internet connection, it is important to take into considering how the app work's when that connection is not available. To do so you have to start with the idea of offline first. That means that your app’s most important functionalities can work while there is no internet connection you make your users very happy.

With the offline first mentality in mind we are going to have a look at three examples.


A daily habit (todo) app called Lift

Lift is a great todo app to create habits and keep true to them, the only problem is when you don’t have an internet connection available.

Bad UX: The problem

I went on a trip to Oslo to speak at a meetup, but that doesn’t mean i suddenly don’t want to work at my habits?

Good UX: The Solution

The apps concept is basically a todo app, a better user experience is easily met with local storage for temporary saving my check in’s. Then mention in the app how many checkins are still waiting, to sync them when you are online again.


Wunderlist - Daily todo app

Wunderlist is a great todo app, most of you will probably know this one using it either for work, personal life or both.

Good UX: The Solution

The app syncs and collects all current lists and todos, when you are not online you can use these to continue with your tasks. All new taks or changes will be stored locally and get synced when you are back online. Leaving you with minimal distress of being disconnected and being able to continue to work.


Evernote - Notes app

A well known notes app that works cross platform, when you upgrade to there premium program you can sync all your notes to work with them offline.

Good UX: The Solution

When adding new notes or changing them, it gives each note a little sign that it hasn’t been synced with the cloud (server) yet. Making sure you can continue work while being disconnected.

With the Evernote premium program you can also continue to open and search inside all your notes which is important to have around when you are working, with or without an internet connection.


If you are the owner of an app or designing one then start with the mindset of offline first, giving your users a steady and reliable app. If there are on- or offline you will be sure that they can enjoy your app.

Do you know especially good examples or have great solutions to tackle the temporary offline situation? Share them with me on twitter @eyenoxmedia.

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