User experience improvements for apps

With growing amount of mobile & web apps it is important to distinct yourself from the competitors and create loyal app users that spread the word for you. To accomplish this i believe you have to take care of what i call user moments. These are the moments that a user experiences something bad or unexpected and the time for you app to suprice and shine.

  1. 5 mistakes of using a cloud solution inside you app, without a plan b
  2. The offline first mentality for your app
  3. Onboarding experience done right, be suprisingly good
  4. Win the registration & login battle
  5. The power of fake speed, assume success & followup
  6. Conquere forms & mobile input struggles
  7. Your app isn’t used the same by all users, try multiple navigations
  8. Become personal, users expect it
  9. Motivate with well written notifications
  10. Better UX with new or proven UI patterns?
  11. Use sounds to increase use & enjoyment
  12. See app crashes & errors as opportunities

About me

The idea is to create a checklist over time with suggestions on how to improve your apps & it’s user experience. Creating happy app user & taking the extra step, helping each other by learning from others.
I started speaking about users moments in Oslo, Norway at a meetup beginning this year (2014).

If you have good suggestions for a topic or examples, you can share them with me on twitter @eyenoxmedia.

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