User Moments

Our life's evolve around the moments we experience, where the memorable moments define and shape us. They create a eureka effect (or ah-ha), they motivate us to tell stories and inspire others. User moments is a design method were we focus on creating these memorable moments for our users, clients and audience inside our work.

To positively inspire and change their lives for the better. In result these key moments, create in an epiphany, loyal users and strong ambassadors for your service or brand.

Users moments got born in the time (2013), where I saw an emerging trend of the need to design better, fasting and with less resources. Reality hits projects daily around the globe. Budgets won't allow us to realise all that we need, while basic expectations go up. Gone into many projects over the years and validated itself a strong method to deliver within scope, drive focus, with great results.

By focussing on 3 user moments in the journey, you create a strong bond that will make other touch-points less critical, allowing you to buy time and work on them later. Think about the 80/20 rule, and building trust and mutual understanding.

A book is in the working, without a rush. If you want to know more, send me a message at .

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